Renton Family Trust

Algester Lodge Nursing Home

Providing quality aged care for over 15 years

Photo Gallery

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Picture 2:Opal Gardens
Opal Gardens
Picture 1:Sapphire Garden
Sapphire Garden
Picture 4:Emerald Garden
Emerald Garden
Picture 3:Chapel
Picture 6:Emerald Lounge
Emerald Lounge
Picture 5:Opal Verandas
Opal Verandas
Picture 8:Single Bedroom
Single Bedroom
Picture 7:Single Bedroom
Single Bedroom 2
Picture 10:Single Bedroom
Single Bedroom 3
Picture 9:Single Bedroom
Single Bedroom 4
Picture 12:Double Bedroom
Double Bedroom
Picture 11:Double Bedroom
Double Bedroom 2
Picture 14:Ensuite
Picture 13:Ensuite
Picture 16:Opal Dining Room
Opal Dining Room
Picture 15:Emerald Sitting Room
Emerald Sitting Room
Picture 18:Amber Diversional Therapy Room

Amber Diversional Therapy Room
Picture 17:Resident Meeting Amethyst Therapy Room
Resident Meeting Amethyst Therapy Room
Picture 20:Pool Table
Amethyst Pool Table
Picture 19:Mini Lawn Bowl
Mini Lawn Bowls